We serve the computer needs of small professional offices just like yours; providing clarity in the confusing world of technology

Consider the small computer company with five employees who all print to the fancy copier/printer that you have leased from your local office equipment business. You decided to change from one internet provider to another (for whatever reason). The new internet provider – as part of the package – comes in, install the new equipment, checks for internet connectivity, and then pronounces “all is well!” and leaves. Next thing you know your team members are piling into your office, upset because they can’t print or scan successfully to the copier/printer.

Now before you point your finger at the internet provider, realize it’s not his/her job to make sure that your networked connected equipment is all working as it did before. And while it appears to be just a simple change of internet providers, it impacts you entire network because your networked connected equipment needs to be reconfigured at the same time to ensure all is working seamlessly as it did before.

Bring me in at the beginning to work with the internet service provider, and I’ll make sure their configuration matches your current network configuration, and that truly….All’s Well.

Tennyson Solutions can provide an entire spectrum of reliable computer services to all types of business owners.  We specialize in the technology needs of small sized businesses with up to 20 employees.

You just want it to work.  We make it work.

Your business runs off a variety of technology. From planning your computer system, providing a backup strategy, troubleshooting network access, advising on and installing software and hardware:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Configuring Smart Phones for Emaiil
  • Scanners and Printers
  • Postage machines

Calm Your Chaos

We are proud that our clients are long-term and come from referrals. We hear that’s because we speak ‘real people’, explaining technical concepts in a way you can grasp and make informed decisions.

From prevention to troubleshooting to explaining options to simplifying your processes, we are your behind-the-secenes support.

Phone calls are answered quickly and personally by owner, Julie Tennyson 

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