Checklist for computer maintenance/care

They are all different, everyone has a different timeframe as to when to do what.  Why??  Because it all depends on how and how much you use your computer.  The objective is to keep a clean, lean, fast running computer.  You know, the way it was when you first got it home and setup.


Lost that document?

You’ve gotten an email with an attachment, for example a Word document named “where did you go”.  You have been asked to make edits to it and email it back.  So you’ve opened it in word from the email, you are busy making edits but then the phone rings.  So you answer it and […]

My favorite free software

These are my “go-to” recommendations for freebies…

Foxit Reader – replaces Adobe Reader Thunderbird – email client FireFox – replaces Internet Explorer OpenOffice – replaces Office Suite Recuva – undelete software AVG – antivirus Malwarebytes – removes spyware/malware ADWCleaner – removes spyware/malware CCleaner – removes temp files, cleans out registry 7-Zip – replaces WinZip […]

Secret Society

I have people ask me “how do you know how to fix this problem, are you a member of some secret society?”

After many years of learning experiences, you accumulate knowledge. Just like your garage accumulates junk. If it weren’t for problems how would we ever learn anything new?

So here is admission to […]